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Weight: A slimline 12st 10 (due to 12 month cricket seasons...)
Nickname: Shagger, Radar (I think there are more variations - but I hope to be passing this nickname on…) , and Barney (the dinosaur) - having missed a Sunday game, as a favour to a friend to dress up in a 'Barney' outfit for a day, at a local attraction open day. Never again…… (it's difficult to see which little brat is punching you in the kidneys when the outfit only allows you to look straight ahead!)
Batsman? Bowler? Keeper? None of the above? Something else : Bowler, occasional batsman (club record holder for DNB) and boundary fielder
Batting style? Agricultural
General cricketing style? Athletic (!!!!!) and keen
Previous Teams played for? Baltonsborough, Somerset; The Bluebell pub team, Cardiff; University (CIHE/UWIC); Various 'guest' appearances for YMCA (1 game), Street (1 game), Glastonbury (1 game), Nomads (not gonads) (1 game); Lord's Taverners Buccaneers (1 Game)
How long have you been (a) casual? Since 1996
Number of games played for the Casuals? Loads
What you bring to the Casuals team? Banter, beer, birds and the odd wicket (was once chief cigarette provider)
Who is your Doppleganger? I have been likened to Hugh Grant, Stan Laural, and most recently Jonathan Ross!!!!!!!!!
Favourite food? Steak and jacket potato; lamb shank; pizza; pie - steak and kidney; since joining the Cazh have developed a taste for curry, doners and Miss Millies
Favourite music? A variety - from The Beach Boys and Simon and Garfunkel to the Fratellis and Gomez
Favourite film?

Usual Suspects; Bourne Identity/Supremacy/Ultimatum

Other hobbies? Golf; beer; squash; beer; going out; gym?; beer
What was your last DVD / CD purchase? Many 'on offer' DVDs (which often turn out to be crap), Ocean Thirteen, Bourne Ultimatum/Scouting for Girls (!)
What 3 people would you most like to invite to a dinner party?: JFK (only if alive); Phil Tufnel, and Abbi Titmus (I'm not sure why)
Ideal Woman? Too many to mention, if I had to give one - Angelina Jolie
Age you started playing the glorious game? Eleven
Best performance?

My best overall performance - the game against Mountain Ash in 1997. Scored my best ever score 67 (including an eighth wicket partnership with Andy Hood of 81) then took 3 for 9.
The best team performance (40overs) - Baltonsborough 2002 we scored 167ao (Shakey 55). After a flying start Baltonsborough were 120-2 off 18 overs, Rob Chase took an excellent catch in the deep and we took a couple of quick wickets and all of a sudden we had them 149ao

The best team performance (20 overs (ok 18)) - BA 2002 The Cazh got 97-4 and after a superb bowling and fielding display we kept them to 96-7 - this win helped us to the Shield Title. Funnily enough I was skipper for both those games….

Favourite game played? Personally, the game against Pumpsaint (2002 tour) - after an eventful Friday night on tour, we had a couple of spectators come to watch that we had met in Sav's (Carmarthen night club) the previous night. They seemed a bit disappointed that the ground didn't resemble Lords with a large grandstand and beer tent (in fact it was a shed and an uneven cow field). Even worse was the fact that I was next into bat feeling very fragile from the night before, as I trudged out to the middle some of my fellow team 'mates' tried to 'big' me up in front of the guests saying "I'd move you car if I were you" and "Your in danger of being hit by Dan's 'lusty blows'"… After being dropped first ball, that seemed to settle the nerves. Looking down the pitch towards the 'crowd' I geared myself up for a defensive shot or slog as I call it - I managed to connect and saw the ball clear the boundary, their car and car park and hit the roof of toilet hut next to the road. I loved every minute of it and once the innings was over I seemed to 'stride' off the pitch. To warm praise and applause (this could have been because Andy Hood scored 80 not out…). After a few weeks of 'texting' it turned out that one of the girls was rather younger than first thought (but still legal) and the other married - oh well….

Team performances - First game against Sully Centurions 2002; South Glam 2002 - to take the Sheild title; South Glam 2004 - got them 37ao (some sort of revenge for them getting us 25ao a few years earlier -though didn't play in that game…thank god!); Lord's Taverners Buccaneers - lost to a very good side (I think they were put off by Foxy's Lumpy milk…).

Favourite venue played …ever? The first time we played at Clytha, the setting was superb - the only drawback(s) was a) the pitch and b) the lovely looking Stately Home in the backdrop housed serial nutters (I'm surprised we were allowed to leave….)
More recently, Miskin and Sudbrook
Cricketer you most admire and why? Ian Botham, good bowler and batter, yet knows how to get pissed.
Casual cricketer you most admire and why?

Difficult to name one as many make me cry with laughter whilst they're playing…
Foxy, yes FOXY - for still playing (and performing);
Steveo - for constant entertainment when he is batting (and enabling one of us to scoop some extra cash betting on 'how many balls will it take…');
Shakey - for his many and varied injuries (how can someone pull their arse whilst standing still?);
but my nomination goes to Andy Hood - for his length (sorry, line and length - consistency of).

Funniest moment on the Casuals field?

There are funny moments every time the Cazh take to the field…however ones that have stuck in the mind are:

Gazza sweeping himself off his feet;

Goughy taking evasive action (onto his arse) after getting bounced at Stone - I must take some of the 'credit' for this as I think I might have pissed the bowler off the previous ball by no-balling him!;

Geoff Male's run up - 40 odd yards, walk for the first 20, sprint for the next 19, stop, jump in the air and then consistently bowl a beamer.

I know I shouldn't laugh, but the injuries sustained - Shakey (too many to mention), Steveo playing 'peep 'o ' whilst keeping wicket; and CD using his body instead of him hands. I'm still waiting for Gazza to get one in the face after playing his normal first ball on-one-knee 'defensive' sweep…

My favourite ever was Rob giving John Furnham out when John was on 99 against Amersham after the ball hit his bat, everyone on the sideline watched on awaiting the onslaught from JF, hiding behind their bags...the decision was reversed once the opposition pointed out that the ball was no where near the pad - very kind

Favourite tour moment?

The first tour I attended - Pumpsaint Aug 1997- the village embraced our arrival by holding a house party after hours - the host was lovely (complete with short suede skirt), however I didn't laugh that much in the morning when I was awoken by Andy Hood telling me that Diana was dead (just happened to be the name of the girl I'd accompanied the night before);

Steveo scoring 50 against Lampeter in 1999 (we still lost);

Goughy scoring 145 against Lampeter in 2003 (we won);

Taunton 1998 - After going out on the town, myself, Pad, Shakey and Rob headed back to the 'nightclub' at the hotel where we were staying (everyone else went for a Chinese or three). When we got to hotel we were told by one of the two exceptionally odd old dears who ran it, that there was a strict dress code which included 'smart' trousers. This created a problem as Rob didn't have any. The little old battleaxe suggested that he wear something from lost property, Rob (as you can imagine) wasn't too keen on this idea, in the end she said why not ask the person on the door if they would mind him entering as he was. So off we went, even though there was a door through to the club from the hotel, we were told to go out through the hotel main entrance, and enter via the door five yards down the street. To our amazement the doorman was the same little old battleaxe!!!!!!!!!!! (Suffice to say we were allowed to enter - however the youngest person in there was about 40, and she thought all her Christmas's had come at once)

Favourite Tea had as a casual? (Home or Away)

Clytha is always good - either selection of cheeses and ham or the bbq,.tomatoes;

Cwmbran at Caerleon was good last year - complete with choc ices;

Pentyrch - nice surroundings also;

The first time I played at Colwinstone - Sausage and Chips;

Home tea - which Mrs Gough made.

I like playing for the casuals because………. It helps keep me fit and firm (though the camera seems to lie..)
I hate playing for the casuals because………… There are too many players playing for their average, Steveo, Richie to name but a few…
If I didn’t play so much cricket I’d be………. Forced to go to Ikea to spend a stack of cash on candles etc
Shagger says….. I would like to thank John Furnham for introducing me to the club all those years ago, and I'd like to kick John in the knackers for introducing me to the club all those years ago….The Casuals Constitution and the right to fail has been grasped by most with two hands (and occasionally dropped - CD /Steveo) , the Casuals has become a way of life - and I love it!
Interesting fact……. Daniel has not always been in computers, in fact he was once a model for 'Blue Jeans' magazine, appearing in the photo love stories. He managed to play the teen hunk and the teen cad with apparent ease and since then has had a loyal fan base of girls who think he has 'a lovely bum'. Judge for yourself as he is currently modelling undergarments in the Littlewoods catalogue. Pages 346, 347, 349 and 421 (Dressed in a very fetching tracksuit) Mr 'Shagger' Lewis we salute you and envy your roguish good looks!!


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