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Master Class - The Steveo Guide to Wicket Keeping (part 1 - yeah right)

Question- Steveo - are you going to include in your 'Steve o guide to playing cricket' the most effective technique of catching the ball when keeping wicket?

My dear Chap, there will be a whole section dedicated to receiving the ball from any and all angles. A very small chapter will relate to an area not much required by Wicket keepers of our ilk - receiving the ball from the fielder at waist height whilst standing at the stumps. This is such a rare accordance as to not merit much space. I will, of course, concentrate on the 'splitter' aka the mid wicket throw-in (wherein the wicky must stand exactly between both sets of stumps in order to have any chance of intercepting the incoming ball), the dirt ball (wherein wicky gets out small shovel to extract ball buried just in front of his feet), the bazooka (wherein Wicky is the target for a missile attack from very close quarters resulting -if lucky- in ball passing through several fielders and going for four... if unlucky, ball strikes wicky who subsequently goes for four) and the step ladder (wherein.. etc).

Special mention will be made regarding jumping-up behind the stumps to receive the ball flying over the batsman's head having not troubled the ground at any point in its journey from the bowlers hand (permission to land Wing Commander) -very popular this season. Equal measure may be made of the 'which strip are we bowling on Doctor?' for the terminally uncertain.
I am considering further notes on 'making sure the sun is behind you when scaring the sh*t out of the Wicky' and of course a guide to Knees , toes, Ankles, Finger tips and other impediments to a balls progress as used when hands are otherwise engaged ... further research will be conducted shortly i fear.




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