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Master Class - The Goughy Guide to Fielding

I realise im not really in any great position to talk about how to field but i do know that there are some key fielding principles that we can apply to stop the opposition running us close when they really have no right to!

1. If the balls hit hard - just stop the ball first and then think about throwing it. Watch the ball into your hands.

2. In most positions an advantage can be gained by walking in and hence getting your feet moving to run in to stop the quick single.

3. Watch the batsman closely and you can work out the shot hes trying to play.

4. If fielding in the deep - attack the ball with your eyes always on the ball, this will make the batsmen think twice about a second or third run.

5. Back the bowler and wicketkeeper however hard the throw.

6. Always get the ball into the keeper or bowler, wicketkeeper is probably best (or if Steveo, who knows). If they are not looking to run then throw a gentle one back to the keeper and think safety first.

7. Keep vocal in the field

8. Dont throw the ball in high if the sun is low. keep the throw lower than the sun.

9. If fielding in close then always attack the ball if the batsmen dead bats it and stop them getting those quick singles.

10. At the start of a batsmans innings stay sharp and wherever possible show him that he has no real chance of getting easy runs. This can be done by throwing the ball in hard back to the keeper to show that you have a good sharp arm.

Im sure that there is lots of other stuff that can be said so please feel free to add to this boring boring forum post- Paul maybe?




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