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Tour 2023 - Cheltenham - 08-10 September 2023

The tour of 2023 was a return to Cheltenham - for tour XL - a Thursday night in Frome. Somerset followed by golf at Dan's Dad's memorial gold day at Orchardleigh in the sweltering heat, then on up to meet the rest of the Tour in Cheltenham.

Three tour virgins - Liam, Jack and Robbie in their tour virgin outfits, plus Tour chips were back in play (on and off the field) - which proved just as popular - in play chips determining who ultimately had to write the match reports along with the daily MUPPET award. Off field chips caused a bit of a 'do' on the Friday with Chairman Richie becoming a bit of a dictator and a coup led Dan to replace Richie with DT ended many many many shots.... Flight Club proved a continued hit followed by late night pool.

The cricket was always a struggle (with massive hangovers)... but a return to Huntley with massive tea was excellent (the weather was glorious but very hot)... followed by Lydney on the way home - which again was a lovely ground, friendly team and another fun game


Golf Day 1 Virgins Jack and Robbie Virgin Liam Virgin Liam opening the batting with DT

Medium Jim with pre match hydration Rhys in at 3 Saturday Tour Skipper (first out at spoof Friday night) Foxy back on tour, with pat and Rob

Liam out but getting us off to a good start DT avoiding the duck chip and completing a successful season with the bat - double figures Duck chip winner (with Goffy umpiring - he was always at risk to the trigger finger) Foxy joining Robbie in the middle
Robbie unable to hold on Tour team photo

DT and Rich made up by night 2

Late night pool




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