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Cazh Tour - Day (Night) 2- Winchester 3/4 September 2011

Day 2 of the tour, most of the Cazh were up and about quite early - well before mid day anyway. I won't spoil the match report , but suffice to say 3 of the Cazh wouldn't be playing in the game vs Hedge End JAMs as we had a full 14 players ready and raring to go...still they would be armed with bottles of cider, lager and class b's to see them through.

The 2 tour virgins would definitely be playing, and after a stop off at the local fashion shop, the 2 virgins were presented with their kit for the day. Worryingly, they donned their new attire with ease and actually looked quite at home in them. The oppo seemed a little put off, but soon got used to it.

Once over, the Cazh returned to the hotel before heading out to a local curry house that Goff had warned may be their biggest pay day of the year. To celebrate, they even produced a Cazh menu which included water buffalo...a whole one. One eager waiter tried to collect the plate from Councilor Shakey before it had been polished off and was sent packing very quickly.

Afterwards, only Goff, Lovers and Shag continued out into the wilderness to carry on the drinking and seek out the local 'beauty spots'. This little jaunt ended back in the hotel playing spoof with one of the other guests until 7am - by which time the weather consisted of heavy rain. The possibility of the game taking place later that day looked remote...

Luvvers - tour virgin

Kim - tour virgin

Kim waiting to scare the oppo

The virgins

2 of the Cazh Top Trumps heavy weights and a contender

DT and blackballed top wicket taker Paul

Cheese taking on liquid, with Muff looking on with envy and Paul not giving a toss

Cheese preparing to bat

Shag practicing umpiring

Blackballed Tesh and Kim returning to the pavilion

DT missing home

Tour operator, Goff, Winkie and Muff

Dan preparing to service Luvvers

Dan performing his duties at kit man

Luvvers and Tesh enjoying the action (or sun)

Gaz looking far too comfortable

Skipper Muff returning home

Goff returning from his umpire stint

Richie back in the hutch

Muff feeling light headed

The end of the Cazh innings - look carefully - you can see a Fat Leo Sawyer (surprisingly good bowler...and singer)

Luvvers preparing to bat


more like it

The Tour team - game one

and again

the pitch

On to the curry house and the specially prepared menu - large!

at the curry house..looking weary

bring out the water buffalo

some of the Cazh looking beat...

but John's in his prime



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