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Cazh Tour - Day (Night) 1 - Wincester 3/4 September 2011

The much awaited Cazh Tour of Wincester finally arrived. Ten of the Cazh made their way down for a pre cricket golf match vs organiser Goff's old golf mates - Ryder cup style. There are no pictures of this as cameras were banned at the South Winchester Golf Club, but suffice to say, the weather was glorious and the golf standard less so.

The format for the Orewin Bridge was as follows - Front 9 Fourballs, Back 9 SINGLES . Front 9 constitutes one match in its own right and 8 singles matches. The victorious country - the first to secure 6.5 points from a maximum of 12 matches.

Etiquette Rules applied........
Any Tee shots failing to pass Ladies Tee, next shot to be played with trousers down
Left Hand drinking only, failure means next shot played with trousers down.

England Captain- Bobby Moore (RIP)
Wales Captain - Richie Holliday

(Goff batting for the other side)

Pairs Matches: (better ball stableford matchplay) Holes 1-9
Group 1 - Ian(22) & Malc(24) v Luvvers(20) & Johnny F(28) - Ian/Malc won
Group 2 - Goff(18) & Hinchee(28) v Dan(15) & Ed(28) - Dan/Ed won
Group 3 - Dave(24) & Bristol(24) v Ash(24!!!) & DT(26) - Ash/DT won
Group 4 - Daz(18) & John(28) v Andy(12) & Kim(28) - match halved
Wales - 2.5; England - 1.5

Singles Matches: (stableford matchplay) Holes 10-18
Group 1 - Ian v Luvvers / Malc v John - Ian and Malc won
Group 2 - Goff v Dan / Hinchee v Ed - Dan and Ed won
Group 3 - Dave v Ash / Bristol v DT - Ash/Dave halved; Bristol won
Group 4 - Daz v Andy /John v Kim - Andy and John won
Wales - 3.5; England - 4.5

Result - a f*****g draw

Post match drinks were taken on the veranda before the Cazh found the hotel (The Winchester Hotel - very nice), the pool and spa (cleared it quite quickly) and the remaining 4 tourists. Followed by food at the hotel and off to make a mess of the beautiful 'city' of Wincester....

Luvvers and Tesh

DT, Ash, Ed and Goff - not much food left

a surprised Shakey and DT

Drinks starting to flow

Slightly more civilised...

messy - Muff and Shag

Goff's usual Wicket keeping pose - what ball? - it was no where near me

Goff in new Pearly King (or queen) cap

Goff trying to encourage a female team to join in

Ryder cup boat race - jager bombs

at the starting post

The face off between Luvvers and his counterpart

and we're off


nope - the cheating English W* tipping down their fronts in effort to win - they did

Cockney sparra

Goff and chums


..and pissed

on the way down town

on the way back up town

- usual quiet Wincester folk

not often you get the local Establishment asking for the Tour organiser by name...

local momument (not Ash - he came with us)


Fortunately no picture of the 'kebab' - never before witnessed a fishy kebab - not sure how long it had been left in the drip tray for - put it this way JF could only manage half of was that bad.



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