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Chepstow Races 22 July 2011

The 5 hard core gamblers gathered in Cardiff and set off in JR's people carrier. The trip was full of conversation of tips and strategy...less rowdy then the trip least Roachy was able to keep his full focus on the road (and his strategy)...

Can't remember the exact monetary ups and downs, but in summary - Dan was leading the winning stakes until the last race, where as normal, having had success in all but one of the previous races, he bet on almost every horse in the last race and didn't make a good return though he was still in credit come the end. Richie had a 'big' win on the last race, especially as he was 'slightly' pissed and bet on the same horse twice - thankfully it came in a winner!! JR being the semi professional gambler, with his strategy which he stuck to, and therefore came home even, Goff was down as was Britpop, but neither by 'that' much.

The beer had flowed during the races, which made the trip home more lively...Goff, Richie and Dan in the back seat with a camera...Darren in the front and JR trying to drive. We finally made it back to Cardiff, where JR dropped off the crew and he returned home.

The remaining 4 'hit' the town, and were very close to hitting each other...well, Richie and Goff were after Richie pilfered Goff's prize possession - a pen - from his jacket pocket. Being pissed, Richie can't remember doing this and then forgot where he put it - fortunately it was found 30 mins later under a table (that we weren't sitting at). Within this 30 minutes there was soon to be a tradition of face slapping...Everyone was surprisingly drunk come the end of the night, so much so, that a random girl in a queue managed to defuse the hostilities from the pen and slapping by making the pair apologise to each other, Britpop managed to get into a lesbian club, and then allowed some of it's attendees to attach a false nail onto his finger...which he soon regretted as he couldn't get it off.

All in all a very enjoyable night out, everyone leaving happy and on good terms...though no one can really remember much of what went's taken me until Feb 2012 to recollect this thing that i can remember - there was (unfortunately) no trip to any recently opened table waitress club...served by (semi) naked last time...still always next year...

The 5 gamblers - Goff, Richie, Dan, JR and Darren

Britpop trying to summon the Luck gods

JR focusing on the road on the way home

Richie looking a little pissed

but it's all friendly

cheeky smile can see where this is going

and we're off (on the M4)

JR looking concerned

no no - all fun

and friendly...

Britpop in the front

getting some attention

surely JR should be looking at the road...?

Richie feeling the love

Darren wanting the love

and then regretting it

ah - sweet

almost back in the city

somehow, eventually made it 'home' safely - well driven JR

All happy in the pub (old O'Neill)

Where's my pen?

who cares

take that

bouncer looming

and the inevitable...the stand off

and that nail...



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