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25th January 2008 Christmas Meal (for 2007...)

The post Christmas Christmas meal tradition continued this year in the same venue as the previous year - the Oriental Garden (in red dragon centre where UCI is) 'eat all you can' for £16.

Unable able to fit all the fatties on one table we were split into two, fortunately the Fat vs Thin competition never materialised, however a new record was set by JF - six platefuls, whilst Richie cleaned up all the crispy duck (again). There were some casualties along the way, Dan overfilling his third plate made a pitiful attempt to complete it, whilst other tried to 'up the plate count' by having fruit salad dessert - never before heard of...or seen (by many Cazh)

During the meal the mood was lifted (hopefully that was all) as the adjoining table was host to a party of young lovelies of various quality - one made the mistake of trying to squeeze her ample charms into an obviously pre Christmas corset - which left very little to the imagination as well as providing an extra shelf to place her food (or drink in between).

Things nearly fell apart towards the end of the meal when an uncharacteristic food fight almost broke out (usually all the food is hoovered up before anyone has the chance to throw it), fortunately an early 'mis-throw' hitting a member of another table put an premature stop to that.

Pre meal drinks were had in the 'fittie full' Eli Jenkins and post match drinks were held in the 'fittie less' Packet - still a good night all round once more!

Table 1 (minus Dan)

Table 2



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