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Tour 2008 - Worcester

Given the rubbish weather during the 2008 season, the Cazh were looking forward to getting away for the tour weekend, the 1st weekend in September. A couple of games of cricket and loads of beer. The only 'slight' issue was that the tour had been arranged for Worcester...rain capital of Britain.

It was quickly realised that this might have been a mistake, as a) the website (shiresports) we book through could only find one opposition team b) unknown to the team before setting off...the hotel had an unusual bar rule and c) it had been raining all week.

However, not to be deterred, Friday evening the Cazh made their merry way up the M50, well, for as long as it was open for... then cross country, passing flooded fields and pubs until the destination was found. On arrival tour organiser (well, he paid) Paul, found that his room had been cancelled and there were no more rooms available. However after Paul had asked them for a cab fare back to Cardiff, one was promptly found.

With a damp and soggy hop skip and a jump the Cazh made their way to the bar to put the weather aside and enjoy a good night. It was at this point the bar 'rules' or 'no bleedin difference than being in a bleedin pub' become known, and their stance was not to be budged. Ending the evening at 11.20. Early night.

Low and behold, the game on Saturday was cancelled (see the pitch below), but fortunately the hotel was on a golf complex so instead many of the team, went out for a hack. The rest made the ill advised trip into sit in a tea shop or look around a china figurine museum...

Back to the golf, fortunately, though not raining, the course was water logged, so all the sane 'golfers' were no where to be seen. This set the Cazh loose. The standard of golfer ranged from regular players Andy and Dave to Steveo... an example of his knowledge of the game - after making the long walk from the carpark to 1st tee, he realised that he'd probably need clubs (or 'bats' as he referred to them...).

Two four balls went off, happy as Larry. By the 8th fairway Larry didn't seem quite as jovial... the light drizzly rain that had begun on the 2nd green turned into driving rain by the 4th tee, oh, and couldn't forget the thunder and lightening which followed on the 7th tee. Having not made it even half way round, it had already taken 3 and a half hours...Steveo hitting a new course record - 145 shots for 8 holes...Andy was close to providing him with a prize - a new scarf, called a 9 iron. The group threw in the golf towel and trudged off the course, retiring to the hotel drawing room to watch bowls on tv and a cup of coco...

The tour effectively ended there. The game that had been hastily arranged for the following day back towards Wales by Easy was also cancelled. And as there was no late night drinking to look forward to at the hotel and all local pubs were under water, the team made their way home. 5 hours later they arrived back in Cardiff after seeing the majority of mid-Wales following miles of diversions...

I'm sure one day they'll be able to laugh about it...


Local pub

Worcester Cathedral and blue sky

... from another angle(pics courtesy of Shakes in 'tourist' mode)

...and least we forget - the pitch and new residents!!



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