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27th October 2008 Pikey and Jo's wedding

And so for second time this season another Casual took the long walk down the aisle..(I actually think there have been a couple more, but they wisely chose to elope to avoid the Cazh onslaught...

The Pikey wedding evening bash was held at the New Country Inn Hotel (or a variation with those words), on the Caerphilly road near the Travelers Rest (middle of no where). The Cazh contingent met at a Whitchurch pub before hand to get a few 'cheap' ones in and prepare for the evening's food intake.

We arrived at the bash, went to the wrong party - a 30th... , but eventually.. found the right do sign of Pikey or wife, or buffet, so proceeded to the bar - where we found that it was FREE (a big advantage given that there were reports of a vod and coke plus pint coming to £11.50 at the other wedding held at the venue)

Anyway, Mr & Mrs Pike turned out (looking lovely, well she did anyway..nice dragonflies (!)) the big talk of the day was the best man's speech...not quite EVBR but the new 'Thumb bumming' which the best man said he knew Jo (Mrs Pike) would 'fit in' with the crowd of mates as he 'Thumb bummed' her on their first meeting (no penetration) but she didn't seem to 'mind' ...the revelation went down well with some..and not so well with others...mother and father of the bride for example.....

Anyway, the materialisation of two fitties took the Casuals minds off the missing food...right up until they got booted out for gatecrashing..turned out the news of the free bar had seemingly cascaded to the other parties at the venue...don't know how that happened....

Using overt steath...the Cazh positioned themselves were we thought the buffet might be laid out, and sure enough arrive it did, lots of it, smack bang next to us. The question was asked by Dewbs "when can we start" to which I replied "only after they have rung the bell"....the Cazh were looking anxiously at the food, Winky and Shakey started us off having a few peanuts, but other guests were looking at us, I'm sure still wondering if we'd actually been invited...during the 'first dance', I saw the opportunity, with less people looking - dived in and started on a stuffed jacket potato - on seeing this the cazh machine whirled into action, the brothers Stephens and DB - a plate in each hand, Richie and Winky going straight for the chicken, and an exasperated and worried Dewbs shouting "but the bell hasn't rung, the bell hasn't rung"....

After four or five platefuls the cazh seemed to relax, casually chatting drinking etc. Richie's lift arrived. Whilst chatting to Pikey and another female guest I turned round to see Winkie saying he's going (which I had known about already), but then dropping into line behind him the rest of the cazh with big grins staying their off too, taking the remaining places in Winkies car....leaving me knowing only the groom, and the girl in the middle of bastard no where.....cheers lads.... at least there was a free bar!!

Could have got into a spot of bother later two of the really pissed scousers (who were two of a handful still standing) and his mate were having a 'heated' discussion at the bar... I had to stop the overwhelming urge of butting in saying "calm down, calm down"...what's a wedding without a punch up...?

(Paul has send an apology for leaving...the rest of you...I have a long memory!!!!)

Anyway - Congrats to Pikey and Mrs Pike - wishing you all the happiness for the future!

The lovely Jo and...Jamie, with the fashionable backdrop of the Cazh..blocking out any light

Don't leave me Pikey...

Thumb bumming... minus Jo...(picture an accurate portrayal of how it looked at the time through my eyes...)

..though, Pikey wasn't looking too good on his casual Cazh Stag Do..

..this was taken just before his 20min stint in the bathroom..not being sick..then disappearing before the food arrived!



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