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21st June 2008 Goughy and Emma's wedding

After Goughy had invited Emma to 'Come One' down the aisle, Emma's response...wait, yes, no, waiting, YES - the date was set 21 June 2008 in Roath/Pen-y-lan where the pair had already built their pavilion. The rain stayed away so the match went ahead without interruption. The game started on time, with both sides turning out (even usher Dan made it on time..just). Emma lost the toss and went first on the 'I do's'. Both parties proceeded effortlessly through the ceremony and then onto team photos in the adjoining park.

The rain did arrive at the reception but by then all spectators and Casuals were digging into tea and had far bigger things on their minds - especially given the size of the cake. Mr and Mrs Gough had a tour of the Glamorgan square, including new team photos (on a length), before heading back inside to finalise the match with cutting of the cake and first dance.

An extra supply of food was draughted in for the match after-party as the onslaught of Casuals turned out. ...Numerous recollections of past cricket matches followed, including Goughy's 'spanking the kids' and his unique choice of 'match' language. The night was rounded off with drunken conversations with the bar waitresses, energetic dancing and the taxi leaving Fitzy behind.

A marvelous day and one which the pair (and the Cazh) will remember forever. Congratulations from the Cazh.

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Dan fashionably late...getting a helping hand from the groom...(surely it should be the other way round)

All ready to face the enemy...

Look at his little cheeky chops....

...too late now...

The funeral, the customary black and white shot

Go on give us a kiss

The 'Friends' group - spot the casual(s)

Emma itching to get to the cricket

In the dug out

There's no escaping, Emma is forced to watch the third day between Glamorgan and Gloucester 2nds

Goughy gets his hands on first prize - come one!

Cllr Stephens firmly wedged in his chair waiting for seconds (plus giving regular updates on the 2ns Test)

Steveo entertaining Paul...and a hint of a smile - must be Steveo's outfit!

No Simon the presents aren't for you...Emma said reassuringly...



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