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27th January 2006 Christmas Meal (Chinese New Year)

The Casuals decided that the 2005 Christmas meal should be delayed until after Christmas to avoid the rush. The venue was chosen specially to cater for the team - a Chinese 'All you can eat' , or as it turned out 'eat as much is as humanly possible'. The venue was the Chinese in the UCI complex down the bay, and it just so happened to be the Chinese New Year. I believe the restaurateurs were happy with the booking (17 attendees) until they saw us arrive and realised that there might not be enough food to go around.... A few of the 'thin' Casuals stupidly challenged the 'fat' team to an eating contest - Ed, and failed miserably. Paul managed 6 platefuls, however I've been informed that his brother, Mark was the 'winner' as his 6 platefuls were heaped so much that he required stabilisers to get from buffet to table!

A very good night, good food, good company and good turn out. Anyway here's some of the pictures.

positioned himself on the outside for Easy access to buffet

Dave looking forward to the off

Ed up for the challenge

Goughy looking a bit worried -he might get squashed

John getting ready...

Rich being harrassed by someone off X-Ray

Where's the food...

New player Tesh - fitting into the 'thin' team (Mark of the 'Fat' team behind)

That's more like it Will - Scotty why are you looking so surprised...?



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