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26th July 2006 vs Highway Hurricanes @ Blackwier

In this day/night game, another opportunity to witness the Cazh's change of fortune in the second half of the season. Cameramen Dan (with new phone) and Tesh (with new all singing all dancing 1 billion mega pixel camera) battled for best picture...I think I know who won...One of the bonuses of each camera was the introduction of the action sequence shot...

The game played in a good spirit, though pretty competitive including bouncers towards the end of the game in the dark - pity neither cameraman manged to get a 'magic' shot of Will being put on his arse!

Click here to read the match report.

The team getting ready for the start - not helped by having to look at Shagger's 'white bits'

Easy and Ed looking for a solid start (chasing 120)

Ed still there...but unfortunately not for long

First 'action' sequence from Easy

...into position..

..and away

hurry up - you're in

with this in mind, Pikey hurriedly puts his pads on...

the customary warm up from Steveo...

.."am I this end?"...

..the pretend glance around to see where the gaps are...

hang back Richie - he's not out yet...

what's this - a defensive stroke??

That's more like it

..and to finish off with a touch of class... (before being bowled by the cunning straight one)

Easy ready and waiting

Executing the square glance with ease

...and lovely follow through

Pikey winding up...

..smashing it through square leg.. there a run?...

..of course there is! - probably four of them

Steveo still can't believe he's out (unlike everyone else)

Easy eagerly awaitng the next delivery...

..hang on, what's this...

..oh no - evasive action...

..abandon ship!!

Smitts comes to the crease

nice 'shape' with front foot to the pitch of the ball...

perfectly inline...

..and nice follow through. (though Richie doesn't look that look enthralled...)

Matt D in now and whipping one away whilst blowing a raspberry

Matt taking one high...

..but confidently pulling it away

Will preparing by bashing wood

Pikey looking forward to the next ball

..still waiting...

..looks like a high one...

..have it - 30 love.

Matt squaring up..

..and slapping it through point

Smitts and JR doing the book and Steveo helping out by heckling

Big Willy eagerly waitng his cahnce in the dark

Pikey in fine form

and still smacking them away until unfortunately run out for 37.



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