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1st May 2006 Barry Wanderers @ Sully Hospital

The first Sunday game of the season against the 'old enemy', rearranged from Easter Sunday. The weather was glorious, but cold, but a bloody good game. both teams had their moments, and the Wanderers looked to have it all sewn up in the closing overs....

Click here to read the match report.

Andy H about to...(clobber Mike Ashton) - no, go into bat

I think this is Steveo, though I can't remember if he was in long enough to be caught on camera...

Tesh giving the bowler what for

New recruit Smitts playing a nice looking off side pummel

Dan playing the usual cross the line thwack

Mark looking to time the shot well on the leg side

Andy H getting hold of on off drive

Yes, Steveo must have been in for at least two balls, and playing a fine looking shot

Another leg side shot from Cllr Stephens - must be the new strategy for 2006

Dan looking for a boundary (dropped by their skipper, just short of the boundary)

An 'arty' shot of Smitts in more ways than one

What's this...a defensive shot from Dan...(thanks Goughy for getting the evidence..)

Shakey after a fine knock which helped the Cazh reach a defendable total

The Cazh on fielding duty

The Cazh's youngest 'player' - he will be replacing his dad shortly....

Dan celebrating 4 wickets or is he going to run his fingers through his hair - I hope it's the latter



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