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16th July 2006 vs Consmen @ Wenvoe

This was the third game vs the Consmen this season, and to spice things up we played two twenty over innings (a mini test match...). A glorious day, plenty of food, and plenty of drink - what more do you need? - In BA's case a cricket bat in the face always does the trick....

Click here to read the match report.

The crowd gathered on another glorious July day

Pikey trying to get the Cazh off to a good start

Shagger showing how it should be played...

..and maybe how it shouldn't!

James Roach complete with floppy sun hat

more crowd shots

JR perfecting the 'hanging bat' shot

..with slight follow through

Kim decided there's nothing else better to do on a Sunday afternoon.

Action Man Muff looking to up the run rate

fortunately he had his 'running' shoes on

Paul in his favourite 'stance'

Rich and Muff having a look to see who could next in to increse the run rate

oh well - at least DB looked the part!

Dan and Richie enjoying the sun - more suntan lotion required me thinks..

Dave looking to lauch a big one...

..alas no.

Dewbs looking to 'nurdle' one down to third man...

..and 'tickle' one to fine leg...

..and 'flirt' with a straight one..

..and there lies the problem... (that so many Casuals suffer)

Andy F 'runs' in to bat

Andy F in to launch the sixes

instead he and Muff seemed happy to run (away from each other)

and so to fielding

After tea - the Cazh reverse the batting, much to the joy of Dewbs and DB

and out they trudge

Dave giving it a good go

Dewbs lining up to defend

but falling to the wicked low Wenvoe bounce..

Time to come in

not sure who is happier - my guess is not BA - "I ain't eating no f**king oranges"

a much more aggressive shot from JR

Muff following suit

just missing the outside edge

Muff 'expertly' keeping the straight one out

The joy of scoring..

Dan getting in on the defensive effort

Big Willy - preparing to give it a clought

..and succeeding

Richie looking to do the same

..but no

..have it

Willy continues to 'open up'

The end of a long day has just got too much for Paul...



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