WIC-ket Indoor League - Spring 10 FIXTURES

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WIC-ket Indoor League - Spring 10 FIXTURES

Postby dan lewis » Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:03 pm



CBB = Cardiff Bay Barbarians
Cav = Cardiff Cavaliers
CRG = Creigiau
CT = Chartered Trust
EP = Eclipse Print
HH = Highways Hurricanes
Uni = Cardiff University Staff
F = friendly

Week No 1
6 Jan
Pitch 1
Uni (F) vs Crg (F)
Pitch 2
CT vs EP

Week 2
13 Jan
Pitch 1
Cav vs CBB
Pitch 2
HH vs Crg

Week 3
20 Jan
Pitch 1
Uni vs EP
Pitch 2

Week 4
27 Jan
Pitch 1
Crg vs Cav
Pitch 2
CT vs HH

Week 5
3 Feb
Pitch 1
HH vs Uni
Pitch 2

Week 6
10 Feb
Pitch 1
Cav vs Uni
Pitch 2
Crg vs CBB

Week 7
17 Feb
Pitch 1
Uni vs CT
Pitch 2
EP vs Cav

Week 8
24 Feb
Pitch 1
Cav vs HH
Pitch 2
CT vs Crg

Week 9
3 Mar
Pitch 1
Uni vs Crg
Pitch 2
Cav vs CT

Week 10
10 Mar
Pitch 1
Pitch 2
EP vs Crg

Week 11
17 Mar
Pitch 1
Uni vs CBB
Pitch 2
HH vs EP

Each team is responsible for providing a scoresheet (downloadable from the website) and a pen at each fixture.
Results must be submitted by email within 48 hours of the game being completed.

For the new teams, just to advise that the wickets are provided by Sophia Gardens and you will be issued with a ball by WIC-ket – it’s up to you to bring all other kit that your team will need, including scorecards so teams are advised to print off a batch of these and have them in their kit bag (plus a pen, of course)

The ball you’re given is the one you always bowl with so make sure that you bring it to every game
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