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Willow League Additional Teams for 2016

PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 6:57 pm
by dan lewis
Due to a decrease in team numbers over the last 2 seasons, the Willow League is looking for additional teams to join the league for season 2016 (and beyond).

The League usually runs from early May to August in and around Cardiff.
The League is made up of different competitions - the League (for the first half of the season), splitting down into a Shield and Plate for the second half. There is also a Cup competition run across the duration of the season.

Games start at 6pm
Each competition is comprised differently to encourage more players to be involved in fixtures:
The league = 20 overs ; max 4 overs per bowler
The Shield and Plate = 18 overs ; max 3 overs per bowler
The Cup = 18 overs ; max 2 overs per bowler and batsmen retire on 25

The number of fixtures per team each season (dependant on team numbers) is between 12 and 20.

Fixtures are encouraged to be played in a friendly spirit and have a mixed range of ability.

If you belong to a team that would like to join the Willow League, please email your interest to Mark Stephens (Willow Chairman for 2016) at
If you are interested, but uncertain that you can fulfil the full quota of fixtures, you can enter the cup competition - which is up to 4 games during the season - again email your interest to Mark.