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WIC-ket Indoor League - Bits & Bobs

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Been a couple of queries surrounding the finer detail so thought it might be useful to clarify a couple of things …

1) Balls – a ball will provided to each team at their opening fixture. They then look after and use it at each subsequent game in which they play. The cost of the ball has already been factored into the game fees; there is no extra charge. The ball, as per today’s earlier email, will be yellow and, apparently, swings like a banana.

2) Equipment – Sophia Gardens has stumps at the centre but all other equipment that players would use (bats, pads, gloves, etc) is not provided. Each team will need to bring their own kit for their players to use. As the game is quite quick, you may find it useful to have several players padded up at once when batting so you may wish to ensure you have several sets of pads in your team bag.

3) Parking – the car park is located behind the buildings. Drive along the road and past the main building. Turn right through the gates. If the barrier is down, buzz the security guard who will arrange access.

4) Access door – the pitch-side doors are used to enter the indoor cricket school. Walk down between the pavilion and the cricket school and the door(s) are at the end of the building. If you reach the seats for watching a game outdoors, you’ve gone too far.

Hope that helps everyone

Jeremy Sparkes

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