WIC-ket Indoor League - Autumn 09 RULES & POINTS

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WIC-ket Indoor League - Autumn 09 RULES & POINTS

Postby dan lewis » Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:19 am

1. Laws
The laws of cricket shall apply, with the exception of the following playing regulations:

a) All players should wear appropriate clothing and non-marking soled shoes.
b) Teams shall consist of 6. Wherever possible teams are asked to have a 7th person to assist with umpiring, scoring, etc.
c) Each match shall consist of one innings per team.
d) Each innings shall consist of a maximum of 10 six ball overs.
e) No player shall bowl more than 2 overs.
f) Two batsmen shall be at the wicket at all times. In the event of a team losing five wickets within the permitted 10 overs, the last man shall continue batting with the fifth man out remaining at the wicket as a runner.
g) When a batsman reaches a personal total of 25 he shall retire but may return to the crease in the event of his side being bowled out within the 10 overs. Retired batsmen must return in the order of their retirement.
h) If in the opinion of the umpire, a ball pitches short of the no-ball line, he shall call and signal “no ball”.
i) Foot fault no ball. If a bowler concedes a no-ball due to a foot infringement, the subsequent ball bowled will be a free hit. This will be signalled after the no-ball delivery has become dead by the umpire motioning one hand in a circular motion above his head. Fielder placings may not be changed for the free hit delivery and see 2 c) for the restriction on dismissal from a free hit.
j) The law relating to ‘wides’ shall be strictly interpreted by the umpire particularly down the leg side.
k) A team not ready to start on time will lose one over when batting for every three minutes lost.
l) If the ball is lodged in a curtain or part of the building structure, “dead ball” shall be called. Any completed runs shall stand but no further runs added.
m) No toss takes place as the fixtures determine which teams bats first and which second.
n) Each team shall provide a match ball which they will use when bowling/fielding. Any team that causes a ball to become lost or damaged shall be responsible for replacing it prior to the next round of games.

2. Methods of Dismissal
Apart from the normal methods of dismissal in the Laws of Cricket, the following variations shall apply:

a) The batsmen shall be caught out by a fieldsman after the ball has hit the ceiling, the netting or any ‘wall’ provided the ball has not touched the floor.
b) The last not-out batsman shall be given out if the non-striker running with him is run out.
c) Free hit. The batsman on strike may NOT be dismissed LBW, Bowled, Caught, Stumped or Hit Wicket from a free hit ball. Either batsman may still be dismissed Run Out, Handled the Ball, Hit the Ball Twice or for Obstruction.

3. Scoring
a) A ball struck to hit the boundary ‘wall’ behind the bowler without touching the floor or any other ‘wall’ or ‘ceiling’ shall count 4 runs. If however the ball touches the floor and does not touch any of the other ‘walls’ or ‘ceiling’, a fielder or the stumps at the non-striker’s end and hits the boundary ‘wall’ then it shall count as 6 runs.
b) A ball struck to hit one or more of the side or back ‘walls’ or ‘ceiling’ shall count as 1 run, even if the ball subsequently hits the boundary wall. 2 additional runs shall be scored if the batsmen complete a run.
c) 2 runs shall be scored if the striker plays the ball and it does not hit a ‘wall’ and the batsmen complete a run.
d) Wides or No Balls shall count as 1 extra plus if the ball hits a ‘wall’, another run will be added. Additionally in each case if the batsmen complete a run, 2 further extras shall be scored.
e) An overthrow hitting any ‘wall’ shall count as 1 run to the batsmen.
f) A run shall be scored if a batsman is out caught off the ‘walls’ or ‘ceiling’ other than the boundary ‘wall’ when 4 runs will be awarded when the batsman shall be given out. No runs shall be scored for batsmen completing a run in such dismissals.
g) A ‘wall’ is deemed to be any wall, ceiling, netting, curtain, equipment or other attached to any of the aforementioned.
h) Each team is responsible for providing a scoresheet (downloadable from the website) and a pen at each fixture.
i) Results must be submitted by email within 48 hours of the game being completed.

4. Points, League Placings & Fixtures

Competition format
League style.
Play everyone twice – one game where you bat first and another where you bat second (ie. no toss takes place). League positions will be determined by points (see below). If two teams are level on points at the end of the competition, their final positions will be decided by the result of the matches between them. If this is one win apiece, then the share of bonus points in the matches between them will be used. If this is equal, then it shall be decided by the difference between wickets taken and wickets lost in the matches between them. If this is equal, then it shall be decided on a toss of the coin.
Each team will have 2 bye weeks as shown in the fixture list.

15 points are available per game: 10 for winning and 5 bonus points allocated between the two teams according to the relative closeness of the result (as shown below). If a game is tied, the points are shared equally (7.5 each).

Wicket result
Wickets remaining Winners Losers
1 0 bonus 5 bonus
2 1 bonus 4 bonus
3 2 bonus 3 bonus
4 3 bonus 2 bonus
5 4 bonus 1 bonus
6 5 bonus 0 bonus

Run result
Runs Winners Losers
1-5 0 bonus 5 bonus
6-10 1 bonus 4 bonus
11-15 2 bonus 3 bonus
16-20 3 bonus 2 bonus
21-25 4 bonus 1 bonus
26 or more 5 bonus 0 bonus

In the unlikely event of any dispute the WIC-ket ‘Directors’ decision shall be final in all matters.

5. Match fees
£40 per team at their first game then £20 per team per game thereafter up to and including their 7th game. All fees due in full on the night without exception. Thank you.
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