WIC-ket Winter League 2009 - results week 4

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WIC-ket Winter League 2009 - results week 4

Postby dan lewis » Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:16 pm

Here’s the results from last night, week 4 of the round robin stage of the competition

Casual No Stars 68/5 (10ovs)
Eclipse Print 69/2 (7.3ovs)
Eclipse won by 4 wickets
Eclipse 15pts
CNS 2pts

Cavaliers 84/3 (10ovs)
South Glam Education 86/3 (8.1ovs)
South Glam won by 3 wickets
South Glam 14pts
Cavs 3pts

So the table is as follows

Eclipse P3 Pts 41
Ch Trust P3 Pts 35
S Glam P3 Pts 32
Cavs P3 Pts 22
CNS P4 Pts 6

The permutations …

Only two things are certain, Casual No Stars will appear in the 4th/5th playoff on 17 Feb and Eclipse can’t finish any lower than 2nd at the conclusion of the round robin stage – but either Chartered Trust or South Glam Education (but not both as they are playing each other in the final week of round robins) could pip them for the No1 spot and so avoid the play offs if Eclipse fail to win their last game … hope that all makes sense!

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