WIC-ket Indoor League - Spring 09 PAYMENT SCHEME

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WIC-ket Indoor League - Spring 09 PAYMENT SCHEME

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delighted to say that altho Cardiff Bay Bs have had to drop out of the new tournament both Chartered Trust & South Glam Education want to participate so it'll be a five team tournament

Competition fees

these will comprise a one-off competition fee of £5 per team plus £22.50 match fee per team - under the format used each team is guaranteed 5 games and 3 of the teams will play 6 (refer to the format in the rules and the

with this in mind, our Finance Director has advised that payment of fees is as follows:

* ideally, £117.50 paid before the competition starts = £5 subs + 5x£22.50 match fees (cheques payable to "Chris Stork")

* for those who are unable to pay it all in advance as above, the payment schedule is as follows:

- £50 at the first game you play
- £45 at the second game you play
- £22.50 at the third game you play

for the 3 teams that play a 6th game, this match fee will be payable on the night of yr last game (ie. the Grand Final and Bronze decider)

for teams without a ball, plse ensure you purchase one in good time before your first game via the following on-line supplier

http://www.greavessports.com:80/index.p ... ct_id=4820

we use the 4oz RED ones


plse see attached list for the dates, times and fixtures


plse see attached document with slightly revamped rules -- couple of things to point out for teams that played under the old rules/comp: (1) there is now a toss to decide who bats first; (2) points for a win have been increased to 12


plse confirm receipt of this email and that you've downloaded the attachments okay - thanks

as ever, any queries plse let Chris or I know



Jeremy Sparkes

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